Time Left For Falling

by Perfect Loss

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All songs by Hoopes / Jensen / Phillips, except Home and Division by Hoopes / Jensen / Phillips / Stefan Smith.


released March 21, 2015

Jason Hoopes - voice / bass
Karl Jensen - drums
Noah Phillips - guitar

Recorded and mixed by Greg Francis, Oakland, CA, Dec 2014 - Feb 2015. Mastered by Myles Boisen, Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland, CA, 2015



all rights reserved


Perfect Loss Oakland, California

2014 - 2017

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Track Name: The Liberation and The Cruelty
my dream last night was stunning
you returned to me running
while quiet tears were flowing
make it last forever
my ancient fear was growing
I would give my voice for knowing
then in an embrace and glowing
you said, "my love, just believe, we can do anything"
except last forever
no I won't last forever
but I want to last forever
make it last
Track Name: Home
missed me every time you shoot for the head
go for the heart but let go instead
hit me square in the chest
with all you got I guess
I should have been cut
you mean I came all this way for naught?
burn me then
burn me in bed
where friction turns white to red
just you stay where you are
just you wait 'til I get home
I believe in your face
even though you don't believe in my time and space
memory then will have to do
look at me when you are spoken to
I invented you
Track Name: The Angel Problem
merciful air
carry my whisper to heaven
as if I cared for its hero
untouchable prayer
bury my wings so they never remind me again I'm a shadow
we kissed on a dare
oh to be back in that world with angel
missing you now
there was never a time when I thought we'd get out
I was the one who would come to fill you with doubt
now all I want is a route to angel
when I see underneath
all I feel
can't believe
when I see underneath
Track Name: Gunlover
love the way you take your aim
I never considered we were the same
you grip so tight
locked and loaded alright
spill the grain
you're a cylinder filled
I'm a target killed
we're one to nil
with all your love
cock the hammer
put me in your iron sight
I have a hair trigger as well tonight
strike me hard to spark a flame
hit the bullseye
it'll destroy me alright
who"s to blame?
Track Name: Descendant
fucking the future gives you away
conquerors leave the rewards and reap the mistakes
don't you lean on me
I'll catch you my dear
but don't you lean on me
don't you lean on me
you can break the promise
but don't you lean on me
woe to be your kind
the path is not the brand you think is time
you could be wrong
I could be right
I may be blind but I have it in sight
get ready for blood
you hit the floor when he comes in the door
leave him alone to get ready for war
he likes to be warned
you will be wrong
I will be right
I know I'm blind but I have it in sight
get ready for blood
you hit the floor when I come in the door
leave me alone to get ready for war
I like to be warned
Track Name: Risk
bloody numbers drip from your lips
I guess when you find a knife you keep it
the shores of the source aren't too far away now
and if I were you as me today I'd obey now
I think it needs correction
you said I think I need direction
you said maybe the right inflection
I said I think you risk detection
why direction when I can have say?
why correction with I have faith?
why suggest it?
you know I have taste
why raise the question?
you know what I'll say
don't be a liar
risk isn't fire
you should be grateful we don't go higher
pretend you're the fire
I'll be your liar
I will be faithful when it expires
the risk
Track Name: Summer
summer's here
time left for falling
you draw nearer to me
and so present the dawning
I want you to know everything I am hiding
I am trying to let it go
don't you know?
this is why I called you in
years have come and gone
like everyone I've ever known
and holidays are on the run
since we remembered why we need the sun season
and then seasons will turn again
why do we need to run from seasons when the sun burns?
summer's here with no intent to harm me
you are nearer to me and I believe I'm falling
Track Name: Division
I'm alone at the graves
and the names have all been changed
growing cold
the letter in my hand reveals a game
I know you understand
I arrived at the place
just in time to catch you kiss her face
growing dark
my eyes
sacrifice self sacrifice
you didn't find me
you alone hold the key to the world without me
though your light has a name
I'll arrive at the graves all the same
you didn't find me