The Liberation and the Cruelty - demo

by Perfect Loss

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This demo is the first release by Perfect Loss.

Recorded by Jason Hoopes and Stefan Smith in Oakland and London respectively. Mixed by Jason Hoopes.


released February 21, 2014

Jason Hoopes - bass / voice
Karl Jensen - drums
Noah Phillips - guitar
Stefan Smith - synths

Recorded by Jason Hoopes and Stefan Smith, April 2014, Oakland CA. Drums, bass, and guitar recorded live at Perfect Loss rehearsal space. Mixed by Jason Hoopes.



all rights reserved


Perfect Loss Oakland, California

2014 - 2017

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Track Name: Home
you missed me every time you shot for the head
go for the heart but let go instead
hit me square in the chest
with all you've got I guess
I should have been cut
you mean I came all this way for naught?
burn me then
burn me in bed
where friction turns white to red
just you stay where you are
just you wait 'til I get home
I believe in your face
even though you don't believe in my time and space
memories then will have to do
look at me when you are spoken to
I invented you
Track Name: Treat Me Like A Human
treat me like a human
let me pass away
you're a sign of a warning
but you hang me anyway
from the first time we talked
to the time that you walked
I could tell you what you are
but it doesn't amount to much at all
so treat me like a human
share me with the world
you're a sign of a warning
a bones and diamond girl
I want to behave
so rescue me as you throw me away
I'll be found dead in your maze
I'll be your slave from cradle to grave
so here we are at our ending
and I am finished defending
can you hear the message I'm sending?
my love and hate are blending
treat me like a human
I'm one less to ignore
you are a sign of a warning
so I show myself the door
Track Name: Penelope
missed you at the alter
this seems the longest way to it
why not believe me?
should have kept my mouth shut
can you feel the way it feels like to me?
why not believe me?
are you made of the finer stuff?
am I just not cold enough?
does all this mean you like it rough?
love is lean when times are tough
Track Name: Friend or Foe
she was by herself
when the bottom dropped out
and high on my shelf
provisions of her only help
the guilt in my blood
she is always innocent
and lonely in my mind's eye
dreaming on the edge of Delphi for blue sky
and in her iron core
molten Venus featurettes
fallen on the flowered fields of war
I wash crimson hair
the stains on her breast
replace the scar with open wounds inside my chest
if I'd only known
to find her just go home
friend or foe
now we'll never know
Track Name: Division
I'm alone at the graves
and the names have all been changed
growing cold 
the letter in my hand reveals a game 
I know you understand
I arrived at the place
just in time to catch you kiss her face
growing dark
my eyes
sacrifice self sacrifice
you didn't find me
you alone hold the key
to the world without me
though your light has a name
I'll arrive at the graves all the same