Funeral Music

by Perfect Loss

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released January 8, 2017

Jason Hoopes: voice, bass
Karl Jensen: drums
Noah Phillips: guitar

additional synth parts by Greg Francis

All songs by Hoopes / Jensen / Phillips

Recorded by Scott Evans @ Sharkbite Studios, and Greg Francis @ OMC, Oakland, CA, 2016.

Mixed by Greg Francis.

Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland, CA.



all rights reserved


Perfect Loss Oakland, California

2014 - 2017

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Track Name: Touch the Mourning
when I can take a punch in the gut
with the sword and live
anything is possible
I can take assumption up
to the brink of a fact
to inspire vertigo
but if feeling alone in freedom is love
I cannot touch the mourning
I can take a string of abuse and a sign of trust
and combine them to be criminal
watch me run and come around the mourning
you could take a pill in a room
with a blank stare
resting in your pretty pose
I could take a guess at the cost
of a brainwash job and a front load principle
but if feeling alone in freedom is love
we cannot touch the mourning
I just want to know who touched the mourning
my love, where did you go?
to touch the mourning
Track Name: Funeral Music
and they're lovely days
the rain on the air
and the brave ones
the look of fear they obviate
but death knew something always
and the salt we ate
crystalline pain so fair
and the last one
sat down upon the ground we made
but I knew something always
the love
the drug
the urge and the fun
the past time
the rind of a piece of mind we find
and she loved the way
my sanguine eye absorbed the dare
and we laughed like you never thought
we'd pass away
but I knew something
always the love
the drug
the urge and the fun
the past time
the rind of a piece of mind we find
and here lies the young
Track Name: The Enemy In Front Of Me
a cut above a pile of one
the critic and the wrath of none
the race you won or ran and lost
you guilted us to name a flaw
a step above a mile away
the critic and the turning page
I talk it wrong
I cross a field
when I injured your philosophy
here's the enemy
out in front of me
the enemy in front of me
it must've been violent
Track Name: Mountain of Flowers
you possess the one thing
you and the one thing often cry
over the edge
your intentions, they say
that's where your future lies
you confess to the one thing
all the precision cuts inside
you know it best
the importance, they say
of running for your life
you and resilience
when you count bridges you count fires
the verbal incision
it's important, they say
it bleeds like a vivid lie
mountains of flowers crashing down
in drastic ways
you don't really know me from the cold
mouth is a dynasty of flaw
its plastic phrase
the crumbling motion of it
Track Name: Harvest
gather all your blades
today is the day we bring in the harvest
straight line guide our way
and I'm not afraid of wearing the harness
these comfortable chains
no longer a shame but darker than progress
breathe, push me away
pull me in safe
breathing's the hardest
I trust you that way
so take up the rein
steer in the harvest
please, I am ashamed
of leading the way
this is dishonest if I'm honest
I'll be leaving soon
but I'll be needing you soon
I gathered all your blades
Track Name: High Falling
I heard you raped a disciple
why not remove the ears?
when you're on the high road
feet to the sky on a line
the disciple I know
there's no trace or souvenir
kept you on the high road
feet to the sky on a line
the superstition I own
is too wet for skin to heal
so bring on the dry bones
feet to the sky on a line
what does the ascent mean after all?
I heard you took to the high road
and lost the power to feel
while still a disciple
feet to the sky on a line
with your feet to the sky
what does the ascent mean after all?
high falling